85. David Bowie - Moonage Daydream

84. Subline- Santeria

83. Steve Ray Vaughan- Scuttle Buttin'

82. King Crimson- 21st century Schizoid man

81. The Velvet Underground- Sweet Jane

80.AC/DC- You shook me all night long

Title Text.

79. Van Halen- Mean Street

78. The Gradeful Dead- Truckin'

77. Alice in Chains- Man in the Box

76. Neil Young and Crazy Horse- Cinnamon Girl

75. The Who- Won't Get Fooled Again

74. Deep Purple- Lazy

73. Phish- Stash

72. Aerosmith- Walk this way

71. Funkadelic -Maggot Brain

70. The Jimi Hendrix Experience- Purple Haze

69. The Beatles- And Your Bird Can Sing

68. Yes- Starship Trooper

67. Michael Jackson- Beat it